Layer 3 Tracing and Trace Inspector

SITE offers the possibility to get L3 information and KPIs on Qualcomm-based 2G, 3G and LTE probes using signalling messages sent and received by the mobile.

The trace view provides a line for each recorded message protocol and type with the respective send/receive timestamp. The Trace Inspector provides additional information for failing test cases such as Protocol Discriminator, Message, Cause Text, Cause Value.

On top of that valuable results files such as pcap, screenshots, videos, MMS or SMS assist for your troubleshooting.


  • Receive information about time behavior on network level without the impact of the modem
  • Deeper insight into message flow and protocol data exchange between mobile station and network for quality monitoring, communication troubleshooting and root cause analysis

Trace Inspector and Layer 3 TracingTrace Inspector and Layer 3 Tracing