With access to 780+ networks worldwide, GlobalRoamer allows to verify that all services are fully available for roaming customers without operators investing in own testing infrastructure and the efforts of running their own SITE system.

Enjoy the convenience of predefined tests and reports by accessing our comprehensive library of templates, while the option of customer-specific test scenarios provides you with full flexibility and experience-based alternatives!

Extensive alarming, performance notifications and reports provide real-time network visibility for rapid fault resolution, essential to ensure high QoS to your end customers.

All You Need to Do

  • Get your account at SIGOS
  • For testing in mobile networks: send your test SIM cards to SIGOS
  • Access the worldwide test network via the web-based graphical user interface
  • Define and activate your tests running
  • Collect the results

TIP: SIGOS can also provide fully managed test services so that all that you really need to do is look at the results