SIGOS is hosting and maintaining a variety of GlobalRoamer and Roaming testing campaigns for different requirements and occasions. Our Managed Services can be fully adapted and customized to your individual needs.

Roaming Implementation Services

Operators face big challenges when it comes to roaming: It goes without saying that the roaming rollout is crucial and needs to be fast and effective especially for new technologies like LTE. It requires the right skills to run through the phases of negotiation, coordination and testing before the actual launch.

We can help you to quickly expand your roaming footprint while you can focus on your core business. Our experienced and professional team coordinates all the different steps in the roaming rollout process involving all concerned departments. We will always tailor the service to your needs and take your internal processes into account.

Roaming Audit

Mobile operators are only monitoring a limited number of roaming partners and services. A lot of roaming relations have never been retested after launch, that are sometimes many years ago.

Mobile networks constantly undergo configurations and software updates which may affect the connectivity to your roaming partners.

In consequence, the service could be down without getting noticed, leading to a drop in revenues. By performing regular audits you can test the availability of the service, reduce operational costs and identify issues prior to customer complaints.

GRQ Testing

Based on general experience of the roaming market, approximately 80% of your outbound roaming revenue comes from the top 20 roaming partners. For this reason the GSM Association recommends close monitoring of service quality during outbound roaming with these top roaming partners.

Just send us your SIMs and we will regularly measure and monitor and send you reports and alarms on all aspects of the service quality among your roaming partner networks.
Needless to say, SIGOS is fully compliant with the GRQ framework.

Data Roaming Outbound Verification

Roaming data usage is continuously increasing and customers expect the same quality as at home. Many applications have nowadays become part of everyday life like OTT, Apps, E-mail, Tourist Maps, etc. Data specific technology like LTE is rapidly expanding on top of existing radio access technologies like 2G and 3G; this increases the complexity significantly.
Apart from data speed, accessibility can also be a big issue if not checked regularly.

Once a roaming service is opened it does not mean that it will work forever; changes in the network may cause accessibility and performance issues. Roaming partners should constantly be monitored in order to avoid customer complaints resulting in revenue loss and churn.

Voice and SMS Verification

Voice and SMS are still the most commonly used services and customers use them as soon as they enter a foreign country. Typically the first calls are made to order a taxi service, call back home to the family, call the office, contact a local business partner, etc. This has a big impact on the first impression of the customer about the roaming quality. It is essential to keep continuous monitoring of these two basic services. Smart users might manually change to a non-preferred roaming partner creating more costs for the home operator.

SIGOS offers a set of packages to check the basic communication to and from the home network including LTE CSFB (Circuit Switch Fallback).

Analysis and Troubleshooting

SIGOS offers a dedicated consulting service for a limited period providing support to fix network issues in a short time frame.

This service is typically used for the start up of new services that requires testing on the live networks providing a quick fix. A dedicated consultant will analyse the results in cooperation with the customer and provide analysis and traces for the discovered issues. All packages include a regression test session after the customer had resolved the issue.

International Carrier Quality Testing

By constantly monitoring the transmission quality of all connected carriers, traffic can be routed intelligently. Observe your SLA’s with your carriers and find the right balance between revenue volume.

Work with SIGOS to understand and monitor the traffic quality to more than 770 operator networks worldwide and avoid poor quality transmission.

Billing Testing for Roaming

Operators need to implement effective solutions to manage and control revenue assurance for their roaming agreements, including all the aspects of accurate billing. SITE offers a precise and reliable tool for rating verification and CDR comparison in outbound roaming scenarios.

SIGOS Managed Services can help you to ensure correct billing for you and your customers on a global scale.

Testing Campaigns for Special Events

Mega events like Olympics, the World Cup, religious festivals and others, attract huge numbers of international roaming subscribers. This increases the pressure on network operators to provide superior service quality. The expectations for uninterrupted and seamless network services is high while the window of opportunity to retain roaming subscribers is small.

With SIGOS’ multi-staged and tailored testing campaigns to measure and monitor your QoS, you are best prepared to successfully facilitate as well as optimise your earnings for the full duration of any special event and avoid churn.

Roaming Steering / Anti-Steering Testing

Test the functionality of any steering activities!

A number of location update tests are performed and examined by SIGOS experts to analyse country- and network-specific steering. By distributing multiple tests over a large number of networks, we will determine whether the planned steering ratios between the networks are fulfilled.