When choosing our Managed Services on SITE, you expect a dedicated single point of contact to manage all accruing administrative tasks, together with a specialised pool of experts at hand. While all work can be carried out remotely or on-site, we usually recommend a mixture of both.

Fully customisable to cater for your individual testing requirements, you can appoint us for various levels of SITE Managed Services.

SITE Administration Services

– Ensure that the SITE platform is always available for all internal users

With this starter managed services package, you are the owner of a private SITE system. All relevant administrational tasks, including the rollout of new hardware, are then carried out by our experienced SIGOS Professional Services Team.

Typical tasks include:

  • User account management
  • Probe management
  • SIM card management
  • Cooperation with SIGOS support department
  • Ticket management
  • SITE System Health reporting
  • Regression tests after SITE software releases
  • Support of hardware rollout

SITE Operational Services

– Guarantee continuous service monitoring, reporting and alarming

This managed services package works well for both situations: You own your SITE system or you want SIGOS to host and manage your system for you.

Within this package we will configure your test scenarios, KPI reports, network performance alarms and dashboard functions, all invaluable for benchmarking, roaming, revenue assurance, QoS and other important network performance indicators.

Typical tasks include:

  • Technical assessment and capacity analysis to coordinate requirements within different departments
  • Configuration and management of tests, technical reports and alarms
  • Trend reports and Dashboards for QoS monitoring
  • Know-how transfer towards all involved engineers on-site
  • Customised report and alarm distribution among different departments
  • Preparation of management reports

SITE QoS / QoE Master Expert Services

– Reduce the time back to service and recover your service quality step by step

This elite package takes quality management fully into a conclusive perspective.

The SITE System automatically monitors all crucial services and alerts the relevant teams as soon as there is a negative impact on your service quality. SIGOS experts will then analyse and address the problem by using the vast array of SITE on-board analysis tools for you.

Typical tasks include:

  • Root cause analysis of detected service problems with SITE
  • Distribution of all relevant log data (traces, pcap files, result files) between the relevant departments & teams
  • Definition of post-processing and process improvements
  • Support in solving the network problems and corresponding regression tests
  • Workshops for each involved department in order to present and explain the findings and processes
  • Know-how transfer to all involved teams

Revenue Assurance with Billing Testing

SIGOS’ Revenue Assurance Solution is a powerful and flexible tool to detect inaccurate billing in complex and fast changing tariffs. Why don’t you outsource this important area to our Professional Services Team to incorporate your full revenue assurance chain?

SIGOS will define the test call scenarios based on the output of the business analysis & risk mapping steps per tariff and will re-rate each single live CDR according to the specific tariff properties with its fully independent and flexible rating engine. You will receive regular reports summarising mismatches and billing errors with all the details required for effective troubleshooting.