The SIGOS active Revenue Assurance solution as an integrated part of the worldwide successful SITE architecture identifies issues before the customers complain and helps you decrease revenue losses.

In order to overcome the limitations of passive Revenue Assurance solutions, independent CDRs are generated by active tests (such as voice, data, SMS, MMS, data), because only then can the correct number of CDRs, the correct timestamps and the correct content be verified.

Furthermore, passive Revenue Assurance solutions rely on live data, which means a detected rating error already affects millions of subscribers and millions are already lost. Verify the correct tariff implementation and complete billing chain before the tariff is officially launched in order to prevent these losses.

Once the prerequisites are configured and implemented (short and effortless HW/SW deployment for the mobile or fixed operator) the Revenue Assurance solution is automatically testing and verifying the complete billing chain, from the creation of the event (e.g. voice call, SMS, data session, national and roaming) up to CDR comparison (live CDRs against reference CDRs) and re-rating of each individual CDR. Billing Error Rates (BER) can then be detected in near real time and the revenue leakage can be minimized or stopped.