Most network operators deploy the SITE system to test within their national networks reaching a comprehensive network quality on a 24/7/365 level. At the same time international outbound roaming often contributes significantly to the overall revenue and thus deserves equal quality standards across all services. To reach beyond national network boundaries, your SITE system installation can access the worldwide network of GlobalRoamer test probes via the “Global Resource Pool” (GRP) to grow your testing infrastructure footprint instantly.

GlobalRoamer is a scalable, pre-deployed infrastructure of worldwide testing probes owned and managed by SIGOS, providing access to over 780 networks in more than 330 additional locations worldwide.

Based on its existing infrastructure, GRP allows large scale, global testing without cost and labor intensive manual implementation, operation and maintenance of remote test interfaces around the world. KPIs for national and international tests are stored in your local and fully secured database while you keep full control of your SIM cards on your premises.

GRP Capabilities

  • Worldwide Outbound Roaming QoS
  • SLA Testing
  • Benchmark Testing
  • International Carrier Quality Testing
  • Fraud Detection (e.g. SIM Box, early charging, fake answer)
  • A-SoR
  • Revenue Assurance (CDR comparison, billing verification)
  • CLI Verification
  • IREG Testing



  • Access the full footprint of worldwide GlobalRoamer locations via your SITE system
  • Flexible administration and fast implementation
  • Integrate and configure your own & customized test cases easily
  • Use your own interfaces and keep full control of SIM cards on your premises
  • Evaluate KPIs for national and international tests stored in your local databasev
  • Save costs by using the LUs that you own (without paying any extra test units)
  • Maintain your existing security and privacy policies for all your data