Test Case Editor

SITE provides large libraries of Test Cases for main network services in various formats and detailed parameter options. The Test Case Editor lets you create individual and customized test cases via a user-friendly drag-and-drop function, allowing for the assembly of complex test case scenarios ad-hoc and individually.


  • Quick and easy creation of new test case scenarios and testing of new network services
  • Test cases’ code is centralized on Central Unit
  • Huge library of predefined tool kits to chose from
  • Highly customizable for individual needs (e.g. define own KPIs and test case parameters)

Test Case EditorSITE Recorder

SITE Recorder

This tool allows intuitive interactive as well as automated recording of browsing actions taking handset characteristics into account. It retrieves mobile and provider-specific web and WAP pages from the network and shows traces to get real feel on download behavior and latency.


  • Fully integrated optional feature of SITE
  • Instant remote control access to specific handset characteristics or browsers in a remote location – without the need to travel anywhere to use it
  • Interactive web sessions and automated script execution
  • Easy and time saving configuration