Are you offering best Quality of Service on the move?

Quality of Service is important in stationary situations as it is the ideal and most cost-efficient approach to ensure full visibility on performance and fault analysis. At the same time, it leaves the question of whether it truly reflects the moving subscriber pattern.

Testing during movement is therefore an important complementary approach in addition to stationary testing.


Equivalent to the behavior of static Local Units, the SITE system collects a variety of network measurements from moving test probes in vehicles like taxis, trucks or trains. The raw information is then processed into KPIs and displayed in a Google Maps view or on a color-coded geographic map. As the real-time results are stored in a centralized database, QoS Testing on the Move offers an independent view of end-to-end quality across your entire network.

With up to two LTE modules per Mobile Local Unit (MLU), you can also test-drive your LTE networks and benchmark your competitors on the move autonomously. Fast, easy and reliable!


Test Quality of Service on the move!

  • Available as an extension to any existing SITE architecture
  • Completely autonomous system after installation
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Highly customizable reporting (KPIs and maps)
  • Comprehensive service assurance for benchmarking and network optimization