Are you looking for a portable testing unit for flexible deployment?

Considering an average size of mobile networks, many relevant locations cannot easily be covered with test equipment. Especially localities like event venues, airports or train stations do not offer adequate rack space for such test equipment.

Likewise, high QoS has to be guaranteed when large numbers of outbound roamers come together at mega events like sporting matches or social gatherings, all expecting faultless services and a seamless “at home” experience.

An easy in-and-out, pragmatic solution is therefore required to optimize your mobile services.


The SIGOS Nomadic Probe together with the Mini Probe family offer a versatile extension to your SITE system. Made to be moved around, it are characterized by their light weight, robustness and ease of deployment.

Communicating via IP Ethernet or via wireless mobile network, the probes can be moved from one location to another, while the Nomadic-M provides even higher flexibility for testing along the way which produces mobility KPIs.

The cost-efficient Nomadic and Mini Data Probes can be deployed to test full coverage inside a building with very precise measurements, plus are ideally suited for campaigns of short time frames and where quick actions need to be taken.

Even when no fixed IP connection is available, the Nomadic-W, Nomadic-M and Mini Data are perfectly suited for flexible deployment, giving you time to optimize your network performance and increasing your revenues.


    Never miss an opportunity to test!

  • Ad-hoc and flexible deployment
  • Precise measurements and mass deployment
  • No wired IP connection required (Nomadic-W/Nomadic-M/Mini Data)
  • Single tool for a variety of simultaneous tests, including benchmarking, troubleshooting and network optimization
  • Configurable to suit rough environments