OTT players have been actively challenging the mobile operators over the past years, mainly on SMS and data level. Now, the next step in this market change has been taken: OTT players are actively terminating international traffic originating from standard voice calls. Fraudsters intercept the call flow and reroute this traffic via OTT infrastructure. The loss of wholesale minutes for the mobile operators runs in the millions.

OTT players have the capability to attract international traffic and terminate it through their applications. While you should receive the International Termination Rate for every internationally incoming call, there is no Termination Fee for traffic entering via these applications. Your international incoming traffic goes down, together with the revenues these should generate for you.


SIGOS’ End-to-End active testing helps you identifying these interconnect bypass losses efficiently. Our solutions are based on innovative call methods, using a limitless amount of international routes, all in a fully managed service.


Stop your interconnect revenue losses!

  • 100% reliability
  • Guaranteed stop of revenue losses
  • Fully managed service