Saturated telecom markets force operators to launch cheaper subscriptions and promotions. SIM Box operators become more and more sophisticated using high-tech equipment incorporating the latest new features to hide their activities. And the mobile operators? They lose revenue…

SIM Boxes (also known as GSM Gateways) generate important interconnect revenue losses for mobile operators by bypassing official interconnections making the operators lose millions of wholesale minutes. SIM Boxes also have a negative impact on the call quality perceived by end customers like unavailable CLI and background noise.

Solution based on Active Testing

In order to stay ahead of the ever evolving fraudsters, we continually improve our system to ensure SIM Boxes continue to be discovered with absolute accuracy and to avoid being detected by advanced SIM Box fraudsters.

SIGOS is working within a full service model. Each customer is allocated a dedicated Interconnect and Fraud Consultant who follows up the trends in the results on a continuous basis and adapts and optimizes the test schedules accordingly. Detailed analyses are made and a continuous follow-up guarantees the maximum results.

With SIGOS’ Detection methodology, you are 100% sure that the detected numbers are used in SIM Boxes. We rapidly identify these so you can deactivate the relevant SIM cards automatically before they become profitable.


Stop your interconnect revenue losses!

  • Ensure first-class end-user experience through quick SIM Box elimination
  • Detect gray routes and get real-time alerts of SIMs that are used in SIM Box equipment
  • Real-time reporting with drill-down function to full call data and timestamp
  • TÜV SÜD BABT certified
  • Unchallenged market leader with more than 150 MNO up & running, with superior technology and service