SMS revenues maintain high. More and more there is a growing discrepancy between the amount of incoming and outgoing SMS caused by enterprise generated SMS traffic (A2P) fueling the potential of monetizing the SMS traffic further. Safety measures to ensure correct termination of this traffic are paramount. With OTT trying to get their share of this billion dollar business, other players with easy access to SS7 and fraudsters happily hacking into the systems, SMS termination needs to be carefully monitored.

SMS traffic, as any other interconnect traffic, is subject to revenue leakages on different levels. Arbitrage, SIM Boxes or Relay operations, third party routing, abuse of open SMSC and spoofing are big contributors to your daily losses. You need to verify these if you plan on monetizing your incoming SMS traffic.


SIGOS’ services help you to identify the actual SMS flow. The solution sends multiple SMS from SIMs as well as generates web-based SMS traffic in a fully managed service.


Stop your interconnect revenue losses!

  • Automatic end-to-end measurements
  • 24/7/365 days a year
  • Irregularities are reported automatically
  • Limited internal effort from your staff
  • Fully managed service