The Interconnect path holds many steps, and each of these steps could hold a security breach causing revenue losses for you. Verifying the entire interconnect path and monitoring all events are crucial.

Ghost trunks, refiling, missing CDRs, arbitrage,… all of these contribute to you not having a correct view on your incoming traffic, or worse, not monetizing this part of your business correctly.


SIGOS is able to set up international test calls towards your network and perform a detailed CDR matching. All details are being analyzed, from timings to trunks, and a full audit report pinpointing possible flaws is provided.

The worldwide footprint of the SIGOS Fraud Detection Solution covers 98% of all countries.

Using carrier connect as well as many other possible call connection scenarios, the Bypass Detection covers the largest possible footprint. This allows to fight Voice Bypass fast and efficient.


Stop your interconnect revenue losses!

  • Automatic end-to-end measurements
  • 24/7/365 days a year
  • Guaranteed stop of revenue losses