Are you experiencing service quality problems and suspect them on the carrier side?

The immediate and large-scale impacts of the interconnection carrier on your subscribers‘ QoS is evident: Poor service quality, including call success rate, CLI transmission and voice quality, will lead to shorter calls, no callback, false billing and customer dissatisfaction, ultimately decreasing revenue and market shares.


Testing interconnection carriers with an active monitoring system not only supports operators in guaranteeing QoS to their end subscribers by performing carrier benchmarking, but also enables carriers with the valuable tool to ensure that traffic is not re-routed.

ICQT with GlobalRoamer couldn’t be easier: Access the largest worldwide network test system from anywhere via the web interface, use the standard test cases or adapt them to individual needs, and test real end-to-end customer experience with multiple KPIs for effective QoS testing and measuring.

The flexibility to connect a private SITE system to GlobalRoamer’s worldwide testing probes via Global Resource Pool (GRP) offers even more flexibility so that dedicated interconnection carrier testing can be performed at the international gateway exchange.


Ensure consistently high quality on your network and at your international interconnections

  • Detect quality problems and service outages fast
  • Access the worldwide largest testing probes infrastructure and adapt your test cases
  • Test and troubleshoot before too many customers are affected
  • Maximize revenue by maintaining high levels of QoS