A Late Disconnect occurs in case a call is terminated by the called party but the disconnect message is not passed by the transit carrier back to the originating network for a few seconds or even longer. This allows the transit carrier to charge extra, resulting in the A-side having to pay more than expected.These few seconds for a carrier may be significant.

Late Disconnect can occur due to Fraud or misconfiguration issues caused by one of the carriers transferring traffic between operator A and operator B. Within an SLA, mobile operators should aim for a Late Disconnect Ratio of 0%.


SIGOS offers an end-to-end testing solution that detects the causes behind early charging / false answer in order to help you ensure customer satisfaction. By using GlobalRoamer, the leading reference system for worldwide testing, you can identify illegitimate charges to your subscribers.
Just access the large number of networks and locations across the globe to fight inaccurate and fraudulent billing on a much larger scale.


Verify correct billing and ensure customer satisfaction!

  • Active end-to-end monitoring ensures consistency in billing
  • Reduce customer complaints caused by incorrect charging
  • Fight interconnect fraud