Are you unable to localize the source of your network problem and need to check the service independently of the radio-specific issues? Do you need to perform regression testing quickly to verify service degradations?

Sometimes service problems lie within the core network and not within the radio access points. In this case, active end-to-end testing that uses air interfaces to test Quality of Service and Quality of Experience may be the wrong approach as radio-specific problems could disturb the test results.


Test the Quality of Service by emulating the radio access part and connecting directly to the core components via A, Gb, IuCS, IuPS and S1 interface. By doing this, you can completely eliminate radio-specific problems and concentrate on the preferred test cases, getting results faster by activating mass testing. It also offers reliable and quick regression testing of the core network functionality.

Sometimes, the connection to the core network can also be beneficial, because air interfaces can get congested in crowded locations and network operators do not want to occupy radio resources with additional testing. Core network testing lets you execute tests in a very short time frame or in high volumes without using air interfaces. Typical cases would be the update of a network component, the launch of venue srvice or the influence of a high number of concurrently connected subscribers.


Elimination of radio specific problems!

  • Exclude radio coverage or cell congestion issues
  • No worrying about radio coverage or cell congestion
  • Cost reduction, increased speed and volume testing
  • Increased testing efficiency
  • Active simulation of up to 30 subscribers per core network interface in parallel
  • Detailed trace analyses
  • Full support of all SITE test applications