Are you checking on your subscribers’ experiences with newly launched devices?

More and more network providers off er particularly configured devices and smartphones to their customers, making it difficult to know exactly how the end user is experiencing the provided network services.

As devices interact differently with networks and influence your subscribers‘ Quality of Experience, it is crucial to test using real devices in order to get the full picture before your customers can
raise any complaints.


Complementary to the broad end-to-end Quality of Service testing possibilities, which rely on the simulation/emulation of devices, SIGOS offers Quality of Experience testing which uses tangible devices such as data sticks and smartphones.

SIGOS‘ Device Gateway is a terminal solution to connect these external devices with the SITE system. Easily controlled from the Central System, it allows for a whole new way of testing commercial devices which are actually used by the subscriber!

The QoE monitoring in SITE is enabled with a Device Gateway. Real Smartphones and Mobile Broadband USB dongle can be connected to the DG, and become testing interfaces. Various services and OTT APPs can be tested, such as HD VoiceQuality for 3G voice calls, SMS, CSFB, VoLTE, HTTP/FTP, YouTube Streaming Video Quality, Skype Voice Quality,, Joyn etc.


Not just a new probe – a new test concept!

  • Real user experience through connection of tangible/commercial devices
  • Extension to an existing SITE system for real QoE testing
  • The direct approach for operators to test native services such as CSFB, VoLTE, LTE, Data speed, SMS etc… in an ad-hoc and periodic testing environment
  • Get regular security patch updates as a fully managed service by SIGOS
  • Benchmark multiple operators with the support of SIM Multiplexing on the smartphone
  • OTT APPs Testing