Smartphone Dataspeed Test AppDo you want to measure crucial KPIs straight from your mobile device?

Wouldn’t it be ideal if your staff and selected customers would precisely report on your network‘s data speed everywhere and all the time, even using their own handsets?

A solution combining standardized KPIs and reports centrally would be needed for reliable measurements ad-hoc and in very short time frames.


The SITE Smartphone Dataspeed Test App measures your connection speed straightaway from your mobile device, directly from where you are. Complementary to SIGOS QoE solutions, the Handset Agent delivers KPIs measured from any location.

While all results can be viewed directly on the mobile device, they are also pushed to SITE/GlobalRoamer for further
analysis and comparisons to other data collected in the database.

The app is also suitable for mass deployment. Why not provide Smartphone Dataspeed Test App to all your customers and let them build your coverage map?


Measurements right from your mobile device!

  • Ad-hoc measurements at any location
  • Quick rollout and easy data collection on temporary events (sports stadium, race circuit etc.)
  • Easy deployment and KPI collection in points of interest (shops, offices etc.)
  • Available for your private SITE system as well as on GlobalRoamer
  • Available for iOS and Android