Can you ensure full functionality of your web services with superior user experience?

Customers expect websites and web applications to run error-free, always and anywhere in the world. With web transactions being comprised of complex sequences of user clicks and actions across several pages, differences in Internet backbones, geography, browsers and connection speeds heavily impact web transactions, site performance and ultimately end-user experiences.

Poor performance can lead to loss of sales, reduced productivity and customer dissatisfaction. Can you ensure that your site behaves fully functionally when customers interact with it?


Using real Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers to generate and measure web transactions, SIGOS offers unparalleled accuracy and insights into websites and applications from an end-user perspective.

Key are the Transaction Perspective (TxP) Agents which are connected to SITE and continuously monitor and detect application errors, collect crucial performance metrics and identify exactly where problems within the transactions occur. Recorded and stored in scripted files via KITE (Keynote Internet Testing Environment), the web transaction scenarios are imported into the SITE system including its test cases for real-time testing, diagnosing and troubleshooting of web performance issues.

Cutting-edge dashboards, smart alerts and analytic deliver all the important insights that web operation teams need to improve performance, especially before it impacts your customers‘ experience.


Around-the-clock web performance monitoring with accurate levels!

  • True representation of how users experience your web services
  • Optimize interactive elements and highly critical web transactions
  • Manage internal and agreedupon partner service level commitments
  • Benchmark web application performance and availability against your competitors