Do you want to identify gaps, opportunities and your true potential for improvements?

How does your network perform compared to your competition? Who is the best performer, nationally and internationally? Do you want to quantify measures of your performance and the gap between your business and best practices?


National Approach: Start off with a national performance investigation on your network and service quality after national rollout has been completed. The SITE test system lets you benchmark your network services against the competition based on internationally approved and recognized KPIs in a fast, flexible and easy way.

International Approach: Benchmarking of international carriers is an important step to ensuring highest quality of service and ultimately affecting your revenue. In order to get a comprehensive overview of multinational or group-wide benchmarks, GlobalRoamer’s extensive footprint of more than 3200 testing probes worldwide enables you to perform comparisons on a global scale.

Static Test Approach: Static benchmarking tests are generally performed at airports, city centers, mega events and other hot spots where masses of people congregate. Using an active end-to-end test scenario, this network benchmark assessment provides a valuable observation of your network from a subscriber’s point of view.

On The Move Test Approach: Drive QoS Tests cover different geographical areas of locally competing networks rather than focusing on static locations. This simulation of subscriber behavior moving from one cell to another provides a comprehensive performance overview of the complete network.


Compare your network performance to the competition!

  • Enhance your own network performance by comparing it to successful operations of competitors
  • Initiate an action plan for implementation and increase revenues in the long run
  • Benchmark across all Services and Technologies
  • 1:1 Standardized QoS/QoE Benchmark
  • Investigate down to Layer 3 Testing
  • Include Roaming via GRP