Is my delivered content consistent across devices?

The huge variety of available data services like web and WAP browsing, video streaming, MMS and video telephony has to be consistent across the great variety of available handsets on the market. Delivered content that is not displayed in the expected formats causes negative impacts on your subscribers’ QoE.


The answer lies in automated testing while taking handset specifics into account. Our powerful handset simulation tool, integrated into the SITE test system, draws on a library of more than 1000 virtual handsets to imitate handset behavior without the efforts and costs of labor-intensive manual testing.

New customer- or country-specific handsets can also easily be integrated, and an extensive number of SIM cards can be managed with our central SIM Multiplexer.


Test and verify the content display on various devices!

  • Real end-to-end mobile content testing of multiple handsets
  • Automated testing of services like web and WAP browsing, MMS, streaming, video telephony, content download
  • Save time and costs of manual testing
  • Increase customers‘ QoE as well as your potential revenue