Can you ensure that your M2M service performs well across the globe?

M2M services are moving into more and more industries like Automotive, Chemical, Healthcare & Pharma, Transport and Logistics, Security, Wholesale & Retail, Energy as well as the Public Sector and can evolve to a new, significant source of revenue for mobile operators.

Furthermore, some M2M services are of vital importance and can even save lives, such as ‘e-call’ in the automotive industry (an alert system for cars involved in accidents), which is why a continuous and all-embracing monitoring of the M2M service is essential.


SIGOS helps you to provide seamless performance and 24/7 quality testing of local and global embedded M2M services based on real scenario testing.

The SITE system and the GlobalRoamer platform with its extensive global reach can perform active end-to-end service tests periodically and ad-hoc, helping to ensure a peak quality of M2M service in both home and roaming networks. In addition, the automated alarming feature supports you with fast detection and correction of service outages before larger service deterioration would dramatically impact the service delivered.

SITE M2M tests are based on a standard customer access to the operator‘s M2M platform in order to test the whole M2M scenario, end to end. As your new customers are onboarded to your platform, SITE supports you in pre-launch and future operations, including national and international availability, anti-fraud testing of SIM cards, continuous performance monitoring and KPI observation.


Ensure correct function of your M2M services!

  • Longstanding experience in testing of large global operators’ M2M services
  • Best reflection of end-user experience because of end-toend quality tests
  • Fast identification and localization of service and network issues, before actual service degradation
  • Reduced operating costs because of automated monitoring, testing and reporting