Something is wrong, but you cannot track down what and where exactly it is.

Service outages are easily detected through the results of active testing, but if the cause of the fault lies within the network infrastructure it is not as easy to determine it precisely.


SITE detects bottlenecks and service problems in the network infrastructure via its unique
Service Alarm Map (SAM).

Individual network elements and systems are correlated with relevant end-customer services to anticipate, analyze and visually display service network problems. Drill-down function supports the technical service teams with crucial information like error IDs, trace details and measurement values to improve reaction times during traffic congestions and network element failures.

Alarms can be mapped to countries, regions and cities.


Find the root cause of service outages faster!

  • Technical service teams are supported with detailed “drill-down” information
  • Identify root cause of problem via NAS, RRC and PCAP traces
  • Get real-time alerts and reports of incidents
  • Fix network problems before subscribers lodge a complaint
  • Speed up back-to-service time
  • Minimize revenue leakage