Are you receiving customer complaints and require instant access to testing your network services?

As Quality of Service is easily influenced by many factors, any undiscovered weak points and service outages risk potential revenue and image loss.

This is why quick action needs to be taken as soon as any complaints such as “BlackBerry e-mail service not reliable”, “no internet”, “basic voice calls not possible” or “low speed” are received. It is crucial to understand the problem, receive trace analysis for troubleshooting, and fix the service failures instantly to guarantee a speedy recovery to first-class service.


The SITE system provides the opportunity of 24/7 ad-hoc end-to-end testing of services and components for rapid and focused troubleshooting of service problems.

Ad-hoc tests can be generated to and from all locations covered by a private test system for easy and quick localization of root causes: via drill-down to identify particular service problems, through individual test result views or even with detailed test trace information. In combination with a centralized alarming system based on measured KPIs, the system provides excellent real-time reports on the service levels of the network.

If a broader approach is needed, SIGOS GlobalRoamer also allows the worldwide testing of services in a roaming scenario with access to probes currently covering more than 98% of the world’s countries and reporting capabilities to view reports by service, roaming partner or country as an example.


Reproducible ad-hoc testing – anytime, anywhere

  • Circumvent unnecessary testing delays and place control back in your hands
  • Benchmark your service quality and performance against historical values or against those of the competitors
  • Receive trace analysis for troubleshooting in order to guarantee a speedy time back to first-class service
  • Perform reproducible ad-hoc tests to check whether service has been re-established
  • Enable multiple test cases simultaneously