Are you having difficulties ensuring continuous QoS and QoE in your network?

Slow setup times, service outages and unsuccessful data downloads can be experienced in every network. Since customers usually have multiple options at hand, poor quality – even if it’s only occasionally – can have severe short-term consequences, especially now that mobile number portability is common and switching between operators has never been easier.

In a highly competitive market, providing and maintaining the highest quality to end customers is the key to a sustainable competitive advantage.


SIGOS offers automated end-to-end testing solutions for QoS and QoE. Around the clock, measurements are taken at the communication endpoint (rather than in network nodes), giving the operator in-depth insights into network perception from the eye of an end user.

Active test calls can be generated 24/7 without the cost of 24/7 staff. In combination with a centralized alarming system based on measured KPIs, the system provides excellent real-time feedback on
the service levels of the network.


Automatic end-to-end measurements 24/7 and 365 days a year

  • Extended testing time because of continuous heartbeat tests
  • Best reflection of end-user experience
  • Fast identification and localization of service and network issues, before actual service degradation
  • Reduced operating costs because of automated monitoring, testing and reporting
  • Full control of the testing scope