Is the availability and quality of your LTE and IMS services fully in place?

Using CSFB or VoLTE to place phone calls with mobile devices over the data network is an upcoming trend with many challenges as LTE users are expecting similar experiences when using the same technology for data, voice and other multimedia services.

Preparing for the unparalleled growth rates of VoLTE subscribes, can you ensure that each element of your IP network is optimized for the delivery of voice services with a constant superior level of quality?


SITE, the SIGOS Integrated Test Environment, offers a range of LTE testing interfaces such as: robust wireless modules, core network interfaces, Mobile Broadband USB sticks and Smartphones.

With the SITE system you can test the following LTE and IMS services:

LTE data – internet browsing and speed, CSFB Voice, SMSoSG, VoLTE, SMSoIP and RCS-e based services.

VoLTE Testing
Testing VoLTE (IR.92) as a service from an end-to-end perspective is crucial in order to monitor, ensure and validate the configuration for all of the nodes in the LTE/EPC/IMS network.

LTE Data Testing
Monitor and ensure subscriber experience on LTE speed, internet browsing and video streaming in a live LTE network via real smart phones, robust air modules and via S1 core network interface.

SMS over IP
Test and continuously monitor the SMSoIP service end-to-end using the SITE System. The tests are performed between LTE and UMTS/GSM Interfaces/subscribers and vice versa and can be executed on both, air and core interfaces.

Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB)
Assuring the quality of the CSFB based services such as SMSoSG and Voice is essential for your LTE subscribers.

Testcases support various scenarios of CSFB Voice MO/MT, SMSoSG MO/MT, as well as emulating a subscriber behavior of originatingor terminating a call while the user was in an active downloading session on LTE.


One multi-testing platform to verify your LTE and IMS Services!

  • Real subscriber experience
  • Robust and reproducible results
  • Extendible and flexible solution
  • Detailed tracing for troubleshooting and root cause analysis via LTE NAS, LTE RRC and PCAPs
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Benchmarking capable
  • Radio KPIs, Network Accessibility KPIs, Service Quality KPIs
  • ETSI standardized KPIs
  • SIM Multiplexing is supported