Are your newly launched tariffs billed correctly?

As markets have become increasingly competitive, operators have used innovative tariffs, product/service bundles and discounts to differentiate themselves, gaining extra market shares. Complex and
fast-changing tariff s inevitably create challenges with over-billing, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and potential penalties by regulators, while under-billing affects your revenues.


At the heart of the billing system is the rating engine, which takes CDRs from the network and applies the appropriate rating plans. Within SITE a specific tariff model can be replicated, giving you the opportunity to compare not only the raw data of CDRs, but also the correct billing of a service.

Fast regression testing of new pricing plans against a variety of test cases can be performed to detect flaws in the billing process at an early stage.

Reports give valuable insights if too many or too few funds have been debited, relating to specific tariff and throughout particular billing periods.


Detect billing errors before they turn into customer complaints or revenue losses!

  • Proactively monitor tariff plans against a variety of test cases
  • Monitor different scenarios within different time/tariff limits
  • Receive detailed test reports and revenue stream audit
  • Make sure your revenues are congruent with your roaming tariff updates