Can you ensure that your customer SIM Recharging is functioning accurately?

Worldwide, more and more MVNOs offer prepaid data packages for local and foreign customers alike. In some markets even more than 90% of subscribers rely on prepaid SIMs and, as with any other service, expect fast and accurate operation of this service.


Both SITE and GlobalRoamer can check if recharging procedures of prepaid cards have been performed successfully.

Test cases collect information about the current balance and then check the account balance for its accuracy after a SIM card has been recharged. The test systems also have extensive voucher depository functionality and are able to manage numerous numbers at the same time.

In addition to that, customer-specific account verification methods (e.g. via SMS) are also supported on request.


Correct SIM Recharging for you and your customers!

  • Simplified prepaid SIM card handling in the central SIM Multiplexer
  • Detect SIM card recharging discrepancies
  • Increase customer satisfaction and spending by error-free SIM card recharging