Are you unsure if your new products will have an influence on your revenues?

The launch of new products requires extensive pre-launch testing in order to be sure that the new products are accurately and reliably billed. Especially when the new product is a great success among customers, revenue leakage due to inaccurate billing would be dramatic.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if calls could be generated automatically to receive CRDs for further reconciliation?


SIGOS makes generating calls to test the correct function of a network or its subsystems an easy job.

SITE is ideally suited as a test call and event generator for revenue assurance projects because it generates its CDRs to be referenced with the networks‘ ‘live’ CDRs. All CDRs can then be stored to
perform verification and detection of errors automatically.

SITE and GlobalRoamer enable you to get a comprehensive testing perspective for any of your services, anytime, anywhere.


Find faults and possible network problems before new products arrive on the market!

  • Assure future revenues through product pre-launch testing
  • Combat revenue losses due to incorrect billing after product updates
  • Save time with fully automated test scheduling