How can you gain a global perspective on roaming quality with consistent, reliable, standardized and internationally recognized measurements?

Cost-driven threats to quality of roaming services, least cost routing, customer reaction to poor roaming experience, decreased usage, churn, differences in service levels, troubleshooting and market focus all prevail as quality challenges. But what is quality? How important is quality? And who defines roaming Quality of Service?


In collaboration with selected partners, including SIGOS, the GSMA has developed the Global Roaming Quality Standards (IR.81), which provides a comprehensive framework for proactive testing, reactive monitoring and verification of end-to-end roaming services quality.

With SITE and GlobalRoamer you can have access to unique solutions to monitor your SLA agreements with numerous roaming partners through a shared set of QoS KPIs within the categories of Network Accessibility, Service Accessibility, Connection Establishment, Connection Sustainability and Connection Quality.

By reducing roaming quality issues, quality levels and customer satisfaction can not only improve, but the costs associated with customer complaints and fault resolution can also be cut.


Consistent and internationally recognized roaming QoS testing

  • Cost-efficient cooperation with roaming partners through a shared set of QoS KPIs
  • Increased roaming revenue and customer satisfaction through fast resolution of home and visited networks’ SLA violations
  • Periodic testing and real-time reporting everywhere in the world