Is my roaming hub ensuring the best QoS available, and how does it compare with the market?

Open Connectivity enables multi-lateral roaming and interworking relationships between operators in an operationally efficient hub-based approach. But how can you be sure that your roaming hub provides the best quality for voice, data and SMS services to their and ultimately your customers?


SIGOS’ on demand test platform GlobalRoamer empowers operators to monitor SLAs. In addition to that, roaming hubs can perform tests for Outbound Roaming Services, Inbound IREG testing, QoS Monitoring as well as GRQ Monitoring via its automated test approach and real-time reporting features.

By activating and testing roaming hub customers’ SIMs, GlobalRoamer can therefore improve operational and cost efficiencies of worldwide hubs.


Connecting the world with a single roaming relationship!

  • Operators can monitor the SLA they have in place with a hub
  • Provides hubs more options to monitor the quality they offer to their customers
  • Added value for hubs to provide clear visibility to all hub customers