Are you experiencing margin losses due to subscribers roaming in non-preferred networks?

While Steering of Roaming (SoR) has been rolled out by operators in order to direct their roamers to preferred VPMNs in the roaming destinations, often a home network has very little control over the selection of networks for outbound roamers. Many subscribers either continue to register on visited networks which are not preferred by HPMN, or anti-steering practices are in place where the non- referred network operators attempt to override the target Steering of Roaming.

Are you also facing loss of control of roaming revenue and decrease in quality of service to your subscribers?


With SIGOS’ Steering of Roaming testing, the quality evaluation of mobile network operators’ preferred roaming partners is an easy task.

SITE and GlobalRoamer off er an SoR Testing solution not only geared to test the deployment of SoR servers according to GSMA IR 73, but also capable of detecting usage of Anti-SoR practices by non-preferred VPMNs according to IR 89.

By controlling the traffic distribution to preferred partners, roaming can be kept within groups, best service levels for voice and data can be achieved and cost efficiencies can be considerably increased.


Ensure roaming with your preferred roaming partners abroad!

  • Direct your outbound roamers to preferred VPMNs in the roaming destinations
  • Detect short- and long-term deviations from target distributions
  • Test potential deterioration of customer experience caused by SoR
  • Decrease roaming costs and increase your revenues