20th SIGOS Conference for Telco & Digital Experience

Impressions from Nuremberg

What an exciting SIGOS conference:

Over 30 guest speakers from across the world, 23 workshops 404 delegates and uncountable experience exchange! Three days of immersive, hands on knowledge sharing from the best and brightest in the industry – taking home invaluable information to transform knowledge into business success. …. the future of mobile telecommunications and enterprise digital experience is just getting started.

Thank you to all speakers:

Dr. Ulrich Maly, Dr. Colin Willcock, Wolfgang Wemhoff, Adrian Scrase, Dr. Klaus Vedder, Kevin Sharp, Dhekra Abouda, Dejan Tomic, Stefan Deckers, Stefanie Schmidt, Michael Thaler, Jerzy Szyper, Lilian Nyawira, Vadim Kiselev, Kahraman Zaim, Mikolaj Leszczuk, Marcelo Scarabel, Lourenco Francisco, Eric Priezkalns, Arman Zhumabayev, Annalise Freckleton, Felicity Lord, Adil Kaya, Bjorn Koetz, Gerald Wittmann, Joachim Bamberger