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Success Stories


Ömer Altinok

Group Revenue Assurance Manager, Turkcell, Turkey
We are using all of SIGOS’ solutions: GlobalRoamer, SITE and Professional Services Telecommunications and have gained major achievements. For example, the SIM Box detection service has helped us to detect off-net SIM boxes which are used by most illegal carriers and cannot be detected by other fraud management systems. Now also our Turkcell subsidiaries want to use SIGOS SIM Box Detection services.

Takis Papadakis

Principal Quality Assurance Manager, Vodafone Roaming Services, Luxembourg
SITE has been an integral part for Roaming and GRQ Global Roaming and we rely on Keynote SIGOS as a trusted business partner to accomplish our strategies for Quality of Service.

Clara Casas Caballero

Network Quality Manager, Telefónica Spain
Only with GR we can test the throughout measurements that we couldn’t measure with any other system that we have. We are also very happy with the support and commercial team of Keynote SIGOS. It’s one of the best compared to other suppliers we have worked with.

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