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Enrique Blanco

Global CTO, Telefónica, Italy
"Telefónica is enabling the first multi-operator LTE roaming experience together with operator partners from over 15 different countries. An experience which places Telefónica in a strong position to close the commercial agreements necessary in order to guarantee anywhere in the world the same LTE service quality as at home."

Takis Papadakis

Principal Quality Assurance Manager, Vodafone Roaming Services, Luxembourg
"SITE has been an integral part for Roaming and GRQ Global Roaming and we rely on SIGOS as a trusted business partner to accomplish our strategies for Quality of Service."

Clara Casas Caballero

Network Quality Manager, Telefónica Spain
"Only with GlobalRoamer we can test the throughput measurements that we couldn’t measure with any other system that we have. We are also very happy with the support and commercial team of SIGOS. It’s one of the best compared to other suppliers we have worked with."
Roaming Manager, TeliaSonera Eurasia
"SIGOS, with its global expertise and capabilities in end-to-end telecommunication testing is a prolific partner of choice. Using their solutions provide us with an even more efficient and integrated management of our network and service delivery and strengthens the market competitiveness of individual operators and our entire Business Area."

Mluleki Ngcobo

Technical Support Manager Roaming, Cell C, South Africa
"SITE and GlobalRoamer make us aware of which problems we might have with other networks BEFORE our customers are experiencing it."

Salvador Pérez Martínez

Network & Services Management Manager, N&S Monitoring System, O&M Core, Vodafone, Spain
"KPI's and Customer Experience (KQI) is extremly important- every day we look for that extra Kb or millisecond to make our services superior to any other network. At Vodafone Spain, the SIGOS SITE system is connected to our network infrastructure e.g. directly to the core via IP, Iu and SS1, over the air via stationary and wireless probes and internationally, to well over 200 countries."

Emilia Nikolova

Manager Business Operations and Services, VimpelCom, Netherlands
"When we used SITE for the first time for active testing compliance, our quality was slightly below the industry measurement. After repeating three times the testing exercise, we saw a firm, positive and stable trend in improving the quality, and the last compliance showed us that we are above the industry standard. […] We are still focused in roaming on improving as much as possible to sustain the trend of growing and enlarging the KPIs, but our focus will most probably move more onto data. We have a global contract and very good relationships with SIGOS and we trust on SIGOS expertise in our exercise of tackling the roaming quality."

Jowed Khatiz

Network Performance Manager, VHA, Australia
"When testing our LTE network using the SITE solution, we have managed to get some really good speed and set up some really good base lines for customer experience for our newly launched LTE network."

Alexander Tsivlin

Project Coordinator, MTS, Russia
"We have SITE tools, we have GlobalRoamer tools, we have great power in our hands that can help us."

Michael Thaler

Technical Product Manager Mobile Proxy, Swisscom, Switzerland
"With GlobalRoamer we’ve found several issues based on malfunctions on suppressed SMS services. With SITE we’ve located several internal topics in the network that had service impacts and we have been able to resolve these by doing deeper analysis with SITE. 7 years ago we chose the ideal partner in SIGOS. Keep on going like this! It’s really a pleasure to see how you develop and how our needs are covered, before we are even aware that we have them. "

Jacky Droushoudt

AVP Quality of Service, PCCW Global – Gateway Communications, Belgium
"We used to have very extensive quality measurement and adding end-to-end testing in 2006 with GlobalRoamer has helped us enormously to find carriers that look good price-wise, traditional quality-wise, but fail on other parameters that we couldn’t measure before. So a major achievement is better supplier choice, but also that we are now able to mimic the quality for many of our key account mobile groups and be pro-active that way."

Ievgeniia Molchanova

Head of Testing Department, MTS, Ukraine
"The SIGOS system covers all our needs in different departments at MTS Ukraine, e.g. our Quality and Customer Experience Department uses the system to measure network quality and KPIs for quality of service testing. Interconnect & Carrier Relations Department and Anti-Fraud Department use SITE System for SIM Box and Fraud Detection, Roaming Department uses GlobalRoamer for roaming testing, while as the Testing Department uses the SITE System for test call generation, revenue assurance."

Selim Aslan

Test & Acceptance Project Manager, Vodafone, Turkey
"Every minute you need to monitor and check. For this purpose you have to perform periodic tests, on demand tests, network diagnosis tests, content tests. SITE is very crucial for service quality monitoring.

Esin Say Polat

Roaming and Network Applications Manager, Turkcell, Turkey
"…three different groups within Turkcell that are using SIGOS actively: the Service Network, the Core Network GPRS Operation Group and of course us as Roaming Group. Additional Investment is not necessary at all….."

Abbes Mokeddem Bouziane

Manager, Ooredoo, Algeria
"… SIGOS solutions help us to attend this famous target, which is to give the best quality of service to our subscribers.."