Fraud Management

Location Finding Services

SIGOS' Location Finding Services will help you confiscate the equipment used by SIM Box fraudsters to bypass international traffic through national SIM cards.

  • Locating and confiscating the SIM Box equipment together with Law Enforcement sends a strong message.
  • By confiscating their equipment, fraudsters need to make a huge investment before they can ever restart their activities.
  • Stop SIM Box Fraudsters permanently!

Why choose our solution?

We offer a fully managed service with the possibility of combining it with test calls and Smart Profiling. We perform active location finding to locate the SIM Box equipment through our “Knock on the door”-principle allowing Law Enforcement to confiscate this equipment including the fraudulently used SIMs, and arrest the fraudsters.

  • Accurate positioning of SIM Box equipment
  • Enabling confiscation of fraudsters' equipment
  • Enabling fraudsters' arrest

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