Fraud Management

OTT Bypass Detection

Today OTT players are actively terminating international traffic. People become more and more familiar with OTT applications. The loss of wholesale minutes runs in the millions. The whole country is impacted by this (operators & consumers). As a telecommunications regulator, you can decide on how to address this phenomenon.

  • OTT usage is increasing by millions!
  • Policy concerning OTT usage should be based on hard facts. Regulators deserve full transparency so they can create regulations that are beneficial to both operators and consumers.
  • For a regular international call that is bypassed by an OTT app, the operator receives 0,00 USD!
  • A loss for the operators is a loss for the regulator

Why choose our solution?

SIGOS’ end-to-end active testing can help you identify interconnect bypass losses due to OTT efficiently for the whole country. Our solution is based on innovative call methods, using a limitless number of international routes towards all the networks in your country, all in a fully managed service.

  • Internal tests uncovered up to 40% OTT Bypass
  • Audit report to enable regulatory discussions & law implementations

What makes our solution unique?

  • Independent resource & reference
  • Quantifying & qualifying OTT threats in your country
  • Limitless coverage
  • Specialized reporting for regulators
  • Customized professional service from Fraud experts
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