Fraud Management


How many minutes of international calls terminate into your country? Are these minutes accurately reported by the MNOs? How many of those are bypassed by fraudsters? Are you able to monitor Mobile Money transactions? Make sure that you are in full control.

Why choose our solution?

SIGOS' TrafficMonitor solution is a patented, versatile and intelligent solution for international traffic monitoring, fraud detection and prevention. Data is collected from each operator and processed in different modules to provide you with ready-to-use information.

  • Taxation Module: all details to enable correct invoice creation to the operators with the appropriate taxes
  • Traffic Module: insight on all traffic flows (national, international and roaming)
  • Fraud Detection Module: combat Interconnect Fraud that might impact government revenues (including Operator Fraud, SIM Boxes and Refiling)

A 100% modular solution on which other modules can be added (Revenue Assurance, QoS, Mobile Money Monitoring...)

What makes our solution unique?

  • Independent traffic verification by means of advanced test call generation
  • Cover all services: voice, SMS, data, VAS, interconnect, national, international, roaming, Mobile Money...
  • Centralize detailed data from all operators
  • Check operator data for completeness and correctness
  • Provide aggregated data reports for taxation
  • Extensive real-time reporting on traffic volumes and trends
  • Global market leader with state-of-the-art fraud detection tools
  • Fully Managed Service by Fraud experts

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