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SIGOS enhances SITE Test System with smartphone app for QoS & QoE Testing using V3D’s EQual One technology


Interview on with Kenneth Mouton on stealth test calls


Mobile World Congress official newspaper: Testing times ahead for IoT


Rocco’s The Innovators 2017: SIGOS voted by MNOs as the #1 Innovator 2017


The mobile operator Tele2 Russia has integrated SITE, the SIGOS Integrated Test Environment, for assessing the quality of connections.


SIGOS and Keynote Mobile Testing, previously known as DeviceAnywhere, are teaming up to drive innovations in the mobile app testing market.


SIGOS and IneoQuest combine expertise to provide Video Testing Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry: Companies have signed a cooperation agreement to develop the industry’s first network-based multi-screen streaming video quality testing tools.


SIGOS won the LTE North America Award 2015 in the category of “Best Test / Measurement Solution”


Protecting the International Roaming Cash Cow: Using a Global Test Network for LTE Deployments & Beyond – Interview with Florian Leeder from SIGOS


Afriwave to arrest SIM Box Fraud: Afriwave Telecom has announced that its robust systems have been set up to significantly arrest SIM Box Fraud once it goes into full operation.


Afriwave poised to deliver on Interconnect Clearing House Services


Test Call Generators: An Essential Test & Debugging Tool in Mobile Billing Assurance – Interview with Steffen Öftring from SIGOS


Integrated Test Call & CDR Analysis: A New Tool in the Fight Against SIM Box & OTT Bypass Fraud – Interview with Kenneth Mouton from SIGOS


Telefónica Group ensures Quality of Service in first multi-operator 4G (LTE) Roaming experience with Keynote SIGOS Global Test Infrastructure


Keynote acquires Meucci Solutions NV The acquisition brings together two market leaders – Meucci in mobile fraud detection and end-to-end Quality of Service monitoring and Keynote SIGOS in automated end-to-end active testing of telco networks, providers and services.