Reporting and Alarming

SITE Reporting enables users to create, display and forward multiple reports generated from the measurements collected in the KPI database. These reports can be based on SIGOS standard KPIs, customized KPIs and KPIs according to ETSI specifications.

While report creation is done by simple drag-and-drop arrangements, users can visualize tests results with several graphic tools, including for presentation and monitoring needs. Flexible standard charts and diagrams as well as enhanced visual displays such as histograms, percentile, ad-hoc reporting can be immediately generated from the recorded KPI data. With the users defining the individual threshold settings and severity points, real-time alerts can be easily configured to automatically send SMS, e-email, SNMP notifications, to predefined recipients.

The reports can be illustrated in various formats like markers, bars, lines or matrix to provide a user-friendly color-coded overview of vital services or specific KPIs. The new 3D Scatter and 3D Surface Chart make it easy to spot outliers due to different coloring and data presentation.

Reporting 3D Report


Dashboard provides a simple, yet intelligent interface to SITE Reporting.  Multiple status overviews and reports can be displayed, filtered, updated and individually configured at once.


  • Simple to use, filter and store KPIs within a few clicks
  • Fast and easy drill down to individual trace level
  • Saves time, instead of running through multiple reports
  • Work intuitively without any training effort

DashboardDrive Service Testing GIS

Geographic Information System

The Geographic Information System (GIS) is integrated into SITE and displays a large set of KPIs and received GPS information created during drive tests and within the Dataspeed Test App. All data is processed and displayed on the operators’ individual geographic maps or alternatively on Google Maps where Heatmaps also provide a convenient overview of large numbers of measurements.


  • Map-based, near real-time view of captured and analyzed KPIs generated from service testing
    “on the move“
  • Easy check on test case status and traces
  • Simple to export graphic views in jpeg formats
  • Individual view and analysis of measurements in heatmaps