Revenue Assurance

CDR Metering

Any service, any type of subscriber, any location

Have a view on all services, all subscribers and all locations.

Every service that can be used on a mobile device can be tested with SIGOS.
Whatever your subscribers use their device for – with SIGOS you get full control over potential revenue leakages. 

Every subscriber has different needs. Different prepaid and postpaid models have been in place for a long time with flavors to meet everyone's requirements. With SIGOS, you can test any subscription model.

Every location matters in a mobile world. Subscribers expect all services to be available wherever they are. SIGOS uses the world’s most advanced test call generator to conduct pro-active testing on each roaming partner’s network to verify if your roaming partners record the correct CDR content.

Detect service gaps with active testing

Even with a precisely configured billing system and accurate CDR charges, discrepancies can still occur if the network has recorded CDR content incorrectly.

Due to the inability to verify the accuracy of network CDR recording, Passive Revenue Assurance systems cannot detect these exceptions.

Without a corresponding reference CDR, it is nearly impossible to detect such discrepancies or malfunctioning network switches, causing you to miss important cases of over- or undercharging—whether on your network or your roaming partner’s network.

Automated alarming that notifies you immediately

Manual testing is limited, error-prone and time consuming. Once the test call generator (TCG) has been configured and the live CDR feeds imported, SIGOS will help you to monitor precise CDR content in both your home network and your roaming partners’ networks. Hourly and daily reporting along with alarming is automatically distributed.

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