Revenue Assurance

Active Revenue Assurance

Our Active Revenue Assurance for Regulators has two main objectives: live subscriber protection and revenue protection

The importance of Live Subscriber Protection

The main objective of any telecommunications regulator is the protection of live subscribers. While good service is always important, it is imperative that live subscribers are charged accurately for their service usage.

Yet, far too many regulators rely on subscriber feedback to identify faulty service charges and should regulators receive a complaint, it is often difficult to prove wrongdoing by the mobile operator.

SIGOS gives you complete transparency into all service charges made by your country’s operators, not only helping you prevent overcharging before it happens, but giving you the data you need to support your case.

Revenue Protection

Monitoring revenue is not an easy task. While live subscribers are vulnerable to overcharging by mobile operators, regulators must also ensure that network operator services are not under-priced as this leads to direct revenue loss. The challenge is in knowing which of your mobile network operators is under-pricing their services.

SIGOS helps regulators by proactively monitoring operator revenue streams, by guarding you from unexpected loss and by putting the control back in your own hands.

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