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Mobile Money is booming business, of this everyone is certain. According to GSMA estimates, the Mobile Money market grew by 25% from 2016 to 2017 and is expected to keep on expanding at a rapid rate in the coming years. Over 2.4 billion dollars of direct revenues are generated within the Mobile Money ecosystem.

Question is: are you sure that all possible leakages are being detected and repaired?

SIGOS offers both Revenue Assurance and Fraud Detection for Mobile Money. Whether you are an operator, part of an operator group or a regulator, SIGOS is your partner for Mobile Money. Through our Active testing and Analytics Platform, we provide all-round solutions tailored to each specific need. 

Mobile Money Revenue Assurance

Ensure that proper controls are implemented on whether all transactions occurred correctly, whether all parties involved were charged the right amount of taxes, fees and commissions, etc.

  • Independent EDR-generation
  • EDR-reconciliation
  • Monitoring of processes, taxation and promotions
  • Identification of non-generated EDRs & rating errors

Mobile Money Monitoring for Regulators

Our solution offers three modules that can be implemented separately or in combination according to the needs of your country.

  • The Tax Reporting Module will ensure correct invoicing of taxes levied on all Mobile Money transactions in the ecosystem.
  • The Traffic Reporting Module will provide accurate statistics on the volumes of taxes, services and transactions through dashboards and automated reports.
  • The Fraud Detection Module will analyze every wallet based on various thresholds and create hotlists.

Mobile Money Fraud Detection

Make sure that fraudsters cannot take advantage of the Mobile Money ecosystem.

  • Analyze & profile every wallet
  • Analyzing all users
  • Analyzing non-monetary CDRs
  • Wide set of indicators per wallet type
  • Investigating and creating hotlists

More examples of how SIGOS is helping operators, groups and regulators worldwide fight fraud, can be found on our Fraud Management webpage. Check it out! 

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