Revenue Assurance

Pre-Launch Product Testing

Pre-launch testing with SIGOS will provide you with the ultimate check on whether new plans or bundels were implemented correctly. Assure your future revenues with SIGOS today.

The importance of pre-launch testing

Active testing using externally generated and rated test events is the only way to remove the risks associated with the launching of a new tariff. SIGOS has the ability to rapidly and effectively test the new product as soon as it is provided on a SIM card. We generate thousands of test events weekly and compare these against the operator’s records to confirm the correct configuration of the billing system prior to launch – reducing risk, saving money and protecting brand integrity in the process.

Pro-active monitoring

To remain competitive in today’s market, existing price plans, promotions and bundles must undergo frequent updating. Does your website reflect these new changes, or are last month’s deals still front and center? Even if updated pricing is published correctly and on time, your billing system may lag behind.

Let SIGOS help you stay ahead of these challenges with proactive, real-time monitoring.

Automated testing

Once pricing plans, bundles, promotions and other essential components of a new product are identified, SIGOS will design and implement an automated 24/7 test campaign.

Risk points are automatically tested and analyzed before subscribers begin using your new product, eliminating the need to contact roaming partners and colleagues for product rate verification.  

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