Revenue Assurance

Tariff & Billing Verification

SIGOS' Tariff and Billing Verification will provide you with an essential solution to verify the tariff plans implemented on your network. Our globally installed platform will provide you with the possibility to check the data received from your roaming partners as well.

SIGOS Billing & Tariff Verification in a nutshell

On the SIGOS platform, any tariff model can be replicated providing the opportunity the raw data of CDRs and the correct billing of a service.

Rapid regression testing of new pricing plans against a variety of test cases can be performed to detect flaws in the billing process at an early stage. Reports provide valuable insights should too many or too few funds be debited. 

Tariff & Billing Verification in Roaming

Imagine that one of your subscribers is going abroad. The main information of what his/her activity looked like, is coming from the records provided by the roaming partner. But what if this partner is unknowingly suffering from metering issues?

Thanks to our globally deployed platform, SIGOS is uniquely positioned to help operators verify the data that they receive from their roaming partners. SIGOS will give you an independent view on what you should be charged and helps you protect important roaming revenue streams.

SIGOS will help you!

We will provide you with detailed reports displaying the results of our analysis.

  • Price plans by type
  • Price plan segmentation by revenue streams
  • Bearer types
  • Bundle names and durations / volumes
  • Maximum / minimum usage reports
  • Directions (voice / SMS on-net, off-net, international, roaming)
  • ... and much more!
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