Inbound Roaming Market Share


Find out how much roaming traffic is coming into you country and use this strategic information to increase your revenues!

What's your piece of the pie? As a mobile operator you have no view on what the total traffic is that is coming into your country and how it is distributed among yourself and your competitors. With our Inbound Roaming Market Share report you can verify that you are getting the promised traffic from roaming partners and learn about the potential inbound roaming business in your country. This strategic information is very valuable information for during IOT Discount Negotiations and to help boost your roaming revenues.

Our Solution

A dedicated SIGOS roaming expert will take care of all the test scheduling, complex steering analysis and reporting for you

  • Gain unique and strategic information about the inbound roaming business in your country
  • Verify if your roaming partners really send you the promised traffic
  • Estimate the real inbound traffic potential
  • Maximize the revenues of your inbound roaming business
  • Use this information to negotiate your roaming discount agreements
  • Summary reports for a one-time audit or on a monthly basis

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