Roaming & Interconnect

Interconnect Fraud Detection

The quality of international traffic is degrading as more players are entering the market and interworking becomes more complex. As the leader in international quality testing, we notice that interconnect fraud cases like False Answer, Late Disconnect, Early Charging, Call Stretching, SMS Bypass and CLI Spoofing are at an alarming level. It is important to solve these issues as they highly affect your revenues and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Solution

On top of the "Test Yourself" model via our GlobalRoamer platform we offer different managed service packages to cover all your testing and reporting needs without having to invest in own resources. Our team of experts have all the know-how and are up to date of all the latest new types of fraud that can be experienced.

These packages include:

  • CLI Transparency Verification and CLI Spoofing (Refiling) Detection
  • Detection of Call Stretching/ Voice Playback impacting customer privacy
  • Detection of False Answer, Late Disconnect, Early Charging
  • Voice Quality Testing (MOS, PESQ,...)
  • Different originating A-side combinations
  • Automatic report of the main KPI‘s in matrix format
  • Summary report analysis

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