Roaming & Interconnect

Interconnect Quality

With the margins on international voice traffic decreasing, quality is degrading. Furthermore, interworking has become much more complex with many new players and technologies in the market. It is therefore important to constantly monitor and benchmark your interconnect partners in order to protect your revenues and keep customers happy.

Our Solution

To cover all your testing and monitoring needs we’ve developed a managed service
package which includes:

  • QoS testing for voice and SMS services
  • All relevant quality KPIs provided (Success Rate, MOS, CLI Transparency,etc...)
  • Detection of Early Charging,Late Disconnect,Call Stretching/Voice Playback,False Answer,SMS Bypass and CLI Spoofing/Refiling
  • Support of ISUP, SIP and SMPP as originating sides
  • Automatic reports of the main KPI‘s
  • Regular calls with dedicated SIGOS consultant
  • Summary report analysis

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