Roaming & Interconnect

Interconnect Voice Quality Testing

With the margins on international voice traffic decreasing, quality is degrading. Additionally, interworking has become much more complex with many new players and technologies in the market.

It is therefore important to constantly monitor and benchmark your interconnect partners to protect your revenues and keep customers happy.

Why Choose Our Solution

  • End-to-end testing for Mobile Operators and International Carriers
  • Use our GlobalRoamer system to reach hundreds of destinations worldwide
  • Test end-to-end customer experience with standard or customized test cases
  • Ad hoc testing or permanent monitoring
  • Report on KPIs like Call Setup Success, Voice Quality (MOS) and CLI transparency
  • Unique GlobalRoamer SIM Card Pool maintained by SIGOS
  • Access directly to the International Carrier’s GW via ISUP or SIP

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