Roaming & Interconnect

Roaming Benchmarking

Do you want to find out how your network is performing compared to your competitors and which roaming partner offers the best quality in each country?
Your Wholesale Roaming Management can use this valuable information during roaming partner negotiations, while your operational teams can increase the user experience for inbound roamers and optimize the steering strategy. After all, increasing roaming quality will result in longer calls and more data usage resulting in higher roaming revenues and customer satisfaction!

Why Choose Our Solution

Roaming benchmarking offers:

  • GRQ results of the competitors in roaming
  • Steering of roaming strategy of the competitors
  • Accurate analysis per country and roaming partner and management view with a Single Service Indicator (SSI) per technology
  • Strategic information on the competitor steering of roaming policy
  • Quality experienced by competitor’s customer versus own customers

Who can benefit from
this information?

  • Roaming Managers
  • Roaming Coordinators
  • Wholesale Marketing Managers
  • Roaming Negotiators
  • Interconnect Managers

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